Local moving

Need to find movers in New Jersey? Look no further than 3 Sons Edison Movers. For

many years, 3 Sons Edison Movers have helped families move into their new homes. The

process begins with 1-on-1 consultation and is followed through by our staff guiding you

throughout the whole move. We make sure moving day stress is minimized and stays that


Long Distance

3 Sons Edison Movers wants to make your long distance move easier for you. We’ll take

care of the hard part for you. You won’t find high quality services at these prices. At the

start of your move and all the way through, our coordinators will stay in contact with you to

keep your whole move efficient and fit within your schedule.


Interstate moves are more challenging than regular moves for all sorts of reasons. 3 Sons

Edisons Movers will make sure you get the best value for your money by first analyzing

your shipment and talking with you about your needs. We formulate a custom moving plan

and keep you informed of your moves progress throughout the whole move. Should you

have any questions at any time, just give us a quick ring and we’ll be there to answer any



3 Sons Edisons Movers offers services made just for with commercial business relocation

and caters to their unique needs. Project managers will be assigned to your move to keep

everything on track and make sure there are no delays. We’ve done many commercial

moves over the past years and our team is experienced in handling all types of challenging



For many years, 3 Sons Edison Movers continues to help families move into new homes.

We provide all the services necessary to help you prepare for moving day including packing,

storing, and transporting your belongings. We also make customized moving plans to help

you should you have any unique or specific needs. Our goal is to give you the best value for

your money and ensure you stay within your moving budget.

Office Relocation

3 Sons Edison Movers give you the best value for your money when it comes to office

relocation. We offer high quality, flexible, and professional office and are ready to take on

different kinds of challenging moves. After discussing the specifics of your move and your

unique needs, we give you a custom fit moving plan that will be ideal for you budget and

addresses all your needs. Our movers have undergone training in handling office equipment

and supplies so you can rest assured that your belongings will arrive in its destination in one


Art & Antique

If you need to move any valuable art works, priceless heirlooms, or aged antiques, 3 Sons

Edison Movers is just the movers you are looking for. We provide high quality moving

services that can accommodate high value items ensuring they are delivered safely and on


Piano Moving

3 Sons Edison Movers also offers specialized piano moving services. We have all the

necessary tools to take care of a difficult piano relocation. We’ve moved all types of pianos

before in all kinds of situations. Our movers have practical experience in working around

challenging moves and getting the job done.

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