4 Weeks Left to Moving Day Checklist

So you only have 1 month left till moving day and you feel like there’s no way you can finish

everything. Some people have had less than that to move entire homes, so long as you make

a good plan, 4 weeks is enough time. First of all, don’t focus on the whole picture and take

everything one step at a time. All you need to concentrate on is what you need to accomplish in

one day.

Here are 11 things you need to focus on for the next 4 weeks.

1. Call up your utility companies and let them know about your move out date so that they

can properly disconnect your home. This usually includes internet, water, electricity,

telephone, and cable companies. Make sure you tell them the exact time and date as

you do not want to be out of power before moving day comes.

2. If you haven’t already, reserve a truck or contact an Edison moving company for moving

day. Ask for advice on what size truck you’ll need.

3. Make arrangements for travel and accommodations for right after moving day. Call up

hotels or family members ahead of time to reserve a date. If you are moving with pets,

double check if you have the documents needed along with a reliable carrier.

4. Choose what you are taking with you. This will include clothes, toiletries, books, food,

games for kids, etc. Make sure to add an extra day’s worth of these essentials just in

case for delays.

5. Once you know what you are taking with you, check to see if it will fit in your car. The

last thing you want is to find out in the last minute that everything you intended to carry

will not fit in your car and you may be forced to leave some things behind.

6. Dismantle all outdoor play-sets and furniture. Make sure to check garages and sheds as

well. These are usually overlooked as most people focus on packing more used portions

of their home.

7. Consider making plans for your plants. If you intend to take them with you, find a way to

transport them.

8. Cancel all your subscriptions to magazines, newspapers, or other home deliveries you

are currently subscribed to.

9. Finish an IRS change of address form.

10.If you are taking your car to your new home, make sure you have detailed directions

getting there. Plan your route and make sure you write down the directions clearly and

give them to your Edison moving company. Take extra time on this step as you want to

make sure neither you or your belongings get lost in transit.

11.Pack properly. By this point in, you are likely to have several boxes packed, labelled,

and ready to go. They might be getting in your way so make sure you place all the

packed boxes inside a designated room. Any room that you do not use on a daily basis

will do just fine. To pack more efficiently, you can prepare a packing surface in this room

and store everything here.

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